OVG Architecten
OVG Architecten
CAD / BIM operator

  • The group housing building projects an offices assigned to you, will enjoy your
  • eloquence in BIM, Autocad 2019 and/or Revit 2019 and/or Sketchup.
  • With a proven track record of 5+ years,
  • you're as grand a team player as you are a solo artist,
  • with good karma earning you extra points!
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  • You will be designing and realizing group homes buiding projects and/or offices,
  • consult and co-operate with all partners involved, aided by your
  • strongly developed design thinking skills.
  • Your fluency in Revit and/or Autocad 2019, as well as the
  • 6+ years relevant experience under your belt,
  • are complimented with a mischievous streak and a healthy sense of humor.
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